2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

2014 brazilThis prestigious  game is one of the most awaited football championships. There are many countries send their best football teams to win the match. This once-every-four-year tournament always chooses one country as the organizer to arrange the championship. In 2014, the football competition were conducted in Brazil. It is the second time for Brazil to conduct the game, which makes them becoming the fifth country to ever hold the world cup for more than once along with Mexico, Italy, France, and Germany. About the stadium, at first, there were only eight places planned to be used. However, Brazilian Football Confederation asked for permission to add four more places, and FIFA allowed them. As a result, there were 12 places opted to hold the match.

In this year, there are 32 countries which managed to join the worldwide competition. Similar with the previous championships, these countries were divided into eight groups of four. In group A, there were Brazil, Mexico, Croatia and Cameroon. Netherlands, Chile, Spain and Australia were included into group B. Group C had Colombia, Japan, Greece and Ivory Coast. In group D, it consisted of Costa Rica, Uruguay, Britain and Italy. There were Switzerland, Ecuador, France and Honduras in group E. Argentina, Nigeria, Iran, and Bosnia and Herzegovina were in group F. In group F, it had Germany, USA, Ghana and Portugal. In group H, the last one, there were Algeria, Belgium, Russia and South Korea.

After the elimination round, those 32 countries turned into 16 countries. The top 16 round was started from June 28 to July 1. On June 28, both Brazil and Chile got one score for each. Hence, they did a penalty kick which resulted Brazil as the winner. On the same day, Colombia won 2-0 from Uruguay. On June 29, Mexico lost the game from Netherlands, and Costa Rica made it through to the next round after beating Greece through the penalty kick. On June 30, France got two points from Nigeria, and Germany got an overtime which made them win the game from Algeria. On July 1, Argentina won the game from Switzerland after acquiring overtime. Same thing happened to Belgium which also got overtime to steal 2 points from USA.

On July 4, according to agen maxbet, the quarter-final was began. It was started between Brazil and Colombia. The winner here was Brazil with the score 2-1. Meanwhile, France had to lose the game with zero point from Germany. On July 5, since both teams had the score 0-0, Netherlands and Costa Rica did a penalty kick, and Netherlands was able to get four points which allowed them to go to the next round. In the match between Argentina and Belgium, Argentina made it through with the score 1-0. On July 8, the semifinal between Brazil and Germany was began and ended with the score 7-1 for Germany. On the next day, Argentina won the penalty kick from Netherlands. Brazil and Netherlands then tried to get the third place on July 12, and the winner was Netherlands. The final game between Germany and Argentina, which was on July 13, ended up with overtime. For the fourth time, Germany won the world cup in 2014, and Argentina had to be satisfied on the second place.

Davis Breaks the Record of Expensive Player

NBA player is more expensive if compared to other sport particularly football. There is an example of Sterling who was paid for $75 million for 5 years contract with the team. There is also the most expensive person ever in NBA because it broke the previous record. He is Anthony Davis, and he is really genius. He is said as genius because he is really young. His age is only 22 years currently, and he has made some achievements in the course of his professional debut. Because of the performance, there is no wonder why a team is willing to have a contract with this talented basketball player.
There is a team that is willing to pay up to the possible limit, and it is New Orleans Pelicans. Knowing the talent possessed by Davis, this club tries to take a chance to purchase him in the trade. It is actually a safe bet for the team to improve overall team’s achievement because it is possible to reach the top easier with the presence of Davis. Pelicans really faces some problem regarding the team performance for the last season, and that is why there should be breakthrough regarding this problem. One possible solution to keep the team alive and on the top, there should be genius player involved in the team.
What makes Davis so adorable is because of his competence in playing basketball. He was granted an achievement as NBA All Star. He was also accepted in NBA First Team. In addition, he was also the best basketball player in United States in 2012 Olympic. That is why he is really worth to be contracted by Pelicans to develop the team.
The offer from New Orleans Pelicans is quite amazing. It almost doubles the amount of the most expensive football player. The price offered for his contract is around $145 million. It is really a huge amount of money that a person can handle on in 5-year contract. If it is divided into 5, Davis would have $29 million of income every year. Now it is easier to imagine how vast the amount of money given to this young NBA player. Usually it is known that the contract could be canceled due various reasons. However, his contract is not. It has been approved on last Wednesday of July 16, 2015. The luxurious life offered by this team is really awesome.
If there is another word for awesome, it should be applied to this situation. It is actually not really rare to find deals above $100 million. However, this one is absolutely amazing. It was the greatest amount of money offered and agreed for hiring Davis for the next 5 years. Indeed, it broke the last record because the previous record was only $136 million. $9 million gap is definitely not a small amount that can be counted by hands, and it does exist in NBA July moratorium. It is true that there is no legal paper that shows this player has been accepted in the team. However, everything is too clear for denying the fact.

Kovacic Stays In Inter Milan

kovavicItalian football world is in the transfer period in which clubs are allowed to buy and sell their player for accommodating the condition and aim of particular club. It is Inter Milan that will try its best to improve the situation inside this team by purchasing several players. Meanwhile, some players of Inter Milan will be moved into another team with the similar reason. The player actually has its own decision regarding contract that will be agreed between parties involved in transfer. In addition the manager also has right to create the real deal about every player because it is clearly for the sake of team. That is why player should give proper contribution if he wants to stay in a particular team.
There is a football player from Inter Milan who is viewed as if he wanted to leave the team –Kovacic. There are some facts that support the notions such as the willingness of The Reds to purchase him as the Liverpool player. In addition, Liverpool is now somehow very rich considering abundance of money acquired after releasing Sterling. With more than $75 million on hand, Liverpool literally can do anything to purchase players including those from Inter Milan – Kovacic. Therefore, there is always a great possibility that Liverpool will buy this player for the next 5 years.
There are many reasons why Liverpool really wants Kovacic leave for The Reds, and one of them is performance matter. Kovacic is a great midfielder who is capable in attacking with a nice style. The team is really helped because of his performance, and there is no wonder why Liverpool wants him to be the part of the club. This young football player is believed to have similar quality with Sterling who was paid such tremendous amount of money except he does not cost more. It is actually possible to build a player in training program specialized for particular player. That way, the player can be more expensive throughout the contract period.
Because of the news spread by media regarding the possibility to move, Kovacic could not hold any longer about the reality that would happen in the future. Even though he was expected to be priced at 30 million euro or so, Kovacic did not seem agree on the deal because he insisted to stay in Inter Milan. He was asked to confirm about his situation million times, but he always answered to stay in Inter Milan. There are definitely some reasons why he insisted to stay in Inter Milan.
Firstly, he believed that the club never tried to sell him to other club. Even though it is just his assumption, but there is no sign from Inter Milan to sell Kovacic whatsoever. That is why this talented midfielder will not go away from Inter Milan. Secondly, he himself really wants to try his best to improve his performance just to be accepted and respected by the club. Such motivation is the real proof why Kovacic will absolutely stay in Inter Milan for the next 5 years.

Russia and Fabio Capello Separation

Every nation which is joining an international football competition has manager, coach, and other supportive organizers. As the manager and coach, it is important to be competent by showing dedication and meaningful football result. Unfortunately, it is not reflected in Russia Football Union because the team has failed to join 2016 Euro competition. Fabio Capello was the coach for Russia when the team finally could not make it into qualification stage for Euro competition last June. Because of losing the match against Austria, it is now impossible to compete in higher level football competition. From that point, Fabio Capello also does not have a chance to have further professional relationship with Russian National Football team.

Fabio Capello actually should be with Russian team for other three years. However, the contract was stopped this July because of aforementioned reasons. Actually there are actually some other reasons why he should be stopped in coaching Russian team. It is due the fact that he could not make the team developed. Indeed, the last 2012 World Cup, he had made the team involved by ending the qualification in the peak of the group. Unfortunately, there was no progress at all proven by the way the team’s defeat in the World Cup in every single match. There is even no single wining in the World Cup, and it is the sign of degradation of Russian National Team. Since then, the team did not make any significant improvement, and it forced the RFU to end the contract with Fabio Capello.

It really seems that the separation or finishing the contract is done one-sidedly. It means that only RFU will be benefited from this separation by neglecting the condition of Fabio Capello. However, they actually come to a peaceful agreement in which both parties are grateful for the work. RFU (Russian Football Union) thanked Fabio Capello for the great work that he has done for Russian without holding grudge due to lack of improvement. In addition, RFU also wished the Capello to reach more successful carrier in any way he will do in the future. As return, Fabio Capello also thanked RFU due to everything to support him in his struggle building up the team. In addition, he also mentioned that he is grateful for any parry supporting the team.

For additional information, the RFU also did not let the great coach go without carrying anything. All of the debt that was held for him had been paid. Now it is time to calculate things that he received upon his leave. $22.50M was the price that RFU paid to him because of his hard work. Indeed, it is only for his hard work without his compensation.

For the compensation, RFU gave almost $12M for him. For the total of $34M, Fabio Capello had made great amount of money by working with the team. He actually could get more because each 3 points he gained from a match, he would obtain $1.3M. Unfortunately, he had to walk away with the team forever, and RFU should find someone to replace his place.

2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

wc 2018Football is certainly a very well-known sport game throughout the world. This sport game is so entertaining that many people are willing to stay up from midnight until dawn only for watching the football tournament. One of the most awaited football tournament is FIFA World Cup. This event is usually held once every four years. Every time when this event comes, all football lovers around the world prepare themselves to support their favorite countries. There will be 32 countries selected to join this championship. Those 32 countries will do an elimination round until 16 of them make it through to the next round. Those 16 countries will do some other matches until only one of them last to be the winner. The previous game, which was conducted in 2014, was won by Germany. That winning is the fourth time for the country to win. Several years before the next championship begins, there is usually a discussion to do about which country will be the next host or organizer. In 2014, Brazil was voted to do the hosting. In 2009, the bidding procedure to host 2018 and 2022 world cups was began. At first, there were nine countries sent their bids to FIFA. Then, Mexico chose to withdraw from the procedure. Indonesia also sent their bid, but it was rejected because the government did not send another supporting letter. There were three other countries also preferred to leave the procedure. This made only four bids remained, which are Russia, Spain/ Portugal, Belgium/ Netherlands, and England. Hence, voting round was began. The voting was done in two rounds. Russia got nine votes, Portugal/ Spain had seven, Belgium/ Netherlands had four, and England only got two. England was eliminated in this round. The second round showed Russia got the most voted with 13 points, while the other two had seven and two. It means that Russia will be the next place as a host for the football competition. The schedule for the world cup will be set between June 14 and July 15, 2018 in Russia. It will be first time for the tournament to be held in the former area of Soviet Union. After being voted as the next organizer, Russia suggested 13 cities to conduct the games. Those cities are Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Saint Petersburg, Saransk, Sochi, Volgograd, Yaroslavi and Yekaterinburg. However, on 2012, the number of it was decreasing into 11 cities as Krasnodar and Yaroslavi were eliminated. In the end, there will be 11 cities with 12 stadiums for 2018 FIFA World Cup. Russia being selected as the next host for the championship certainly brings its own pride to Russians. However, the choice of the place also brings out a controversy for some people. For example, it is said that there is an amount of level of racism happened in Russia. A discrimination toward LGBT communities is also going on there. Not to mention, there are also issues like the involvement in Ukraine’s conflict and also the destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Nevertheless, the president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, said that he will keep his plan as it is.

The Best Outstanding Final Football Match Ever

No one will ever forget the final match in the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final that was held on Wednesday, on the date May of the 26th, 1999. The match was played in the base camp of Barcelona Football Club, Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain. The final finalists were Manchester United, the representative from England or Great Britain and Bayern Munich from Germany.

It has been nominated as the best moment that will be forever remembered for all players, managements, and fans around the world. Beside the famous clubs, the final match will be remembered because the goals scored by both teams’ players.

The referee, Pierluigi Collina from Italy, did not have an easy job at this time. He had to lead the game as fair as he could. And, at the end of the final match in the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final, he was awarded as the best referee for his justice and spirit to bring fair play in the UEFA Champions League Matches. He was often called as the “Lion’s Roar”.

Back to the final match report, Manchester United and Bayern Munich, each of them had great players. However, Manchester United had some chances to score more goals. And, finally, Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United’s excellent players came through spectacular goals that the both goals cancelled out Bayern Munich’s Mario Basler’s early goal. So, it was stated that Manchester United won 2 – 1 to Bayern Munich.

That result did not only give happy ending for the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final but also a new history successfully made by Manchester United. They won the Treble-Winning Season after they won the FA Cup and FA Premier League.

And, the most unpredicted moment was both of the teams were playing to chase the Treble-Winning Reputation. But, only one came out as the winner.

At the final match, Manchester United wore special clothes that were traditional red shirts while Bayern Munich chose wearing grey and burgundy League Clothing kit.


For both teams, they had met twice in the matches before the final. Both also had similar history that they had had to wait for long time to win the Champions League. For Bayern Munich, they had had to wait for 23 years and for Manchester United their history never changed since 1968 until 1999.

When both teams met, they had struggled before in the Group D qualifying round along with the other finalists such as Barcelona and Brondby. That group was famously called as the “group of the death”. Both teams also had had bad experience at the first round. They saw that they were in the bottom positions. Bayern lost from Brondby and united gave up with draw score from Barcelona. Gradually they could gain more points in the following matches.

After the qualifying round, there had been the knockout stage. Bayern Munich had to face the winner from Group F, Kaiserslautern. On the other hand, Manchester United faced the winner of Group C, Internazionale. Manchester United and Bayer Munich won the matches so they could pass to the following matches.


Welcome and get ready for the biggest football event in 2016. The 2016 FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP is planned to be held around December, 2016. The World Cup is the top organization which organizes all football clubs tournaments from six continental with its each confederations. For the 2016, Japan is the luckiest country that has been given chance to hold the biggest and the most crowded country.

Before deciding Japan as the host city, there was long journey that almost all countries in the world applied their proposals to the FIFA. And the application processes began in 2014, February. The countries included as members of the associations had to send and submit their declaration of their  interest with the last date was on March the 30th, 2014 and completed the sets of bidding needed files due by 2014, August the 25th. And, the host city would be selected after the meeting of the bosses, as we can call it like that, they are the Executive Committee of the FIFA who had to hold a meeting first. It was scheduled to be decided at the end of the year.

There were two countries which stated their interest for get the chance to host the league. They were from India which withdrew their interest in 2014, November and Japan. Finally, after such meetings, Japan was stated as the host city in 2015, April the 23rd.

There will be seven confederations such as CONMEBOL (the winners of the latest Copa Libertadores), UEFA (2015-2016 winners of UEFA Champions League), AFC (the winners of the latest AFC Champions League), CAF (the winners of 2016 CAF), CONCACAF (2015-2016 CONCACAF Champ. League), OFC (the winners of the latest OFC Champions League), and AFC for Division 1 winner.

The participating teams from the CONMEBOL are still in the process and will be confirmed at the end of 2015. It is the same with the OFC. For the UEFA participating teams, as we know that there are many clubs that are still in their second and third qualifying round.

For the 2nd qualifying round, there are Pyunik, Ludogrets Razgrad, Borisov BATE,etc. and for the 3rd qualifying round, there are Ajax, Basel, CSKA Moscow, Young Boys, Sparta Prague, Shakhtar Donetsk, etc.

In addition, there are also teams who qualified for play-off round and group stage performances. For the teams in the play-off round there will be Manchester United, Bayern Leverkusen, Lazio, Sporting CP, and Valencia.

For the group stage qualification, there will be Chelsea, Arsenal, Lyon, Manchester City, Paris-Saint Germain, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Galatasaray, Real Madrid, PSV Eindhoven, Dynamo Kyiv, Benfica, Porto, Gent, Bayern Munich, Borussia Monchengladbac, Wolfsburg, Juventus, Olympiacos, Roma, Sevilla, in addition toSaint Petersburg.

It will be the happiest event to remember for all Japanese people who can hold the biggest football world match in their beloved country. Since their last staging participation in 2012 FIFA WORLD CUP, it will be their nostalgic thrilling emotional to have the event in their homes. And for remind you, in 2012 FIFA WORLD CUP Japan has regained much positive responses from all aspects in the football managements and the world.

Japan is still not publishing the venues that will be used but to give you some images of Japan, you might get the capture of the beautifulness of the combination between the nature and the modern buildings. And, the venues will attract you because it will be in the middle of the natural surroundings with purity and sincerity from the strong countries.

Review Best of the Best in FIFA World Cup: Top Unforgettable Moments

FIFA World Cup might be the most prestigious event in the world. This every 4 year event inevitably brings the euphoria among its people, even the one who don’t usually love it. However, there are some unforgettable moments that you might want take a look again. Brazil got their first place as the champion for five times so far, Argentina vs England has been known as the most common rivals in almost every turn, or many other specific moments which led to the hype of this biggest game ever. It is not exaggerating to say that FIFA World Cup is not just about the completion in sport but also it is really affiliated with money game, fame, and even politics. Therefore, here we review some of the best unforgettable moments in FIFA World Cup.

1. Italy vs United States (1934, Italy)

The tournament in this era might be one of the instrument to promote fascism over the world. Some story said that the referee is tend to support Italy, even it has been said that the referee intentionally heading the ball to the Italian player although in the end it never cannot be confirmed due to the lack of technology in that era. However, Mussolini threatened all of the Italian players to win the game, if they couldn’t do it, all of them would be executed. Thankfully, Italy became the champion. The opening before the tournament between Italy and USA might be the most interesting moment when the referee and his assistants gave Nazi-like salute to Mussolini who were in his yacht.

2.  Brazil VS Poland (1938, France)

Leonidas, the “Black Pearl” made his comeback after the severe without using shoes. The referee realized it and asked him to use the shoes back. However it happened after he successfully made a goal and led Brazil to win 6-5. This momentum of course made him to be remembered as one of the most unique moment in FIFA World Cup.

3. England vs Argentina (1998, France)

The most legendary one, David Beckham made his own history, but not a good one. David Beckham in the tournament between England and Argentina made the big mistake. When the score was still in competitive battle, 2-2, Beckham kicked Diego Simeone who were trying to stand up which lead Beckham had to leave the field. Once Beckham went back to England, he got many kind of mocking, threats, and insults. However he got his own revenge in 2002 where he successfully made a goal from penalty point and made Argentina had to leave earlier.

There are many other unforgettable moments such as the suicide goal from Escobar (which led him to be killed) or Italy who ever got beaten by Korea (both North and South Korea) and many other moments. Every unforgettable FIFA World Cup might be always be remembered and become such a learning for the country related and maybe for its fans also. Most of the football fans will remember their favorite moments for the rest of their life. What is your most favorite moment?

Barclays Premier League: A Brief History, System, and Their Bettors

premier league barclayBarclays Premier League or other might acknowledge it as England Premier League (EPL) becomes the most prominent and prestigious football league. It has been watched by over millions people in every season of the tournament. And for sure, EPL also become one of the highest exchange market for money game.

The History of the Name

Before it has been known as England Premier League, it ever been named as FA Premier League, the highest and the most prestigious football competition among the clubs in England. Outside the region of United Kingdom, this competition is being well-known with EPL. However, since Barclay Bank become the main sponsor of this league, therefore now it mostly known as Barclays Premier League. Nevertheless, with the rapid changing of the sponsor, made the name of this league changed rapidly as well. Since 1993 until now, this league’s names ever been: Carling Premiership, Barclaycard Premiership, and the latest one is Barclays Premier League. Again, it depends on its main sponsor.

The EPL’s system and regulations

In every season, there are 20 teams or clubs which already being selected before to join the main EPL. Therefore, the participants are automatically changing over the time. EPL recognizes degradation and promotion system where the bottom three clubs will be automatically kicked out for the next league. It happens in every last season, the bottom three clubs will be got degradation and the top 4 clubs will be turned into the champions league to compete and fighting over the Champions Cup. The top two will be turned in automatically where the 3rd and 4th place will be turned into play-off stage. The club which are on the 5th place will get into competition to fight over UEFA Cup, as well as the 6th and 7th place (depend on the situation of two other domestic competition). The clubs which got the position between 18th until 20th will be kicked out to Championship Division and will be replaced by the club which are on 1st and 2nd from it. The last one ticket will be contested by the teams or clubs in 3rd until 6th place. Since there will be 20 teams or clubs then the total amount of tournament in one season will be about 380 leagues where every team or club will face twice, once as the home team and the another one as the away team.

Its Bettors

The market bets in EPL of course will be opened by croupiers with the handicaps already reached Asia and even Europe. Some people said it is not that difficult to predict and choose the club which has the most probability to win. However there’s always some x factors that lead to unpredictable things. England Premiere League itself has been played by many bettors which are considered has a minimum mafia and therefore quiet fair since the clubs in England can be categorized as the professional and rich clubs. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that this sport will be flawless without any cheating and some intentional efforts.